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Do you shop online? Or are you an online retailer? With so much choice available, online vendors continually have to invent new ways of connecting with their customers. Thomas Paisley test drives one feature that is growing across the world of e-Commerce – the online personal assistant.

 Have you been on ASOS recently and noticed a tiny pop up screen in the bottom right hand corner?

ASOS are trialling a beta version of a live chat service called ‘Personal Stylist Chat’ for their desktop website users (note: this service was down at the time of posting. Typical eh?).

You login with your name and email address and you get assigned a personal assistant to help with your shopping needs.

Asos live chat

I used this service myself and was helped by a personal stylist to choose a suit, tie and shoes for a wedding I’m attending. What impressed me the most, as well as the pair of lovely brogues I was shown, was how helpful I found the service and how much time it saved me in making my purchase. They helped hold my attention and offered me a service that made my website experience quick and easy.

There are a few other websites that offer this type of service (Sky, Amazon to name a few). They illustrate how good use of technology can really improve the customer experience and enhance the bond between the customers and the brand.

There is a great article by Kiss Metrics about the benefits of using a Live Chat service which is worth a read. Businesses that take the initiative to embrace new digital platforms can find that they not only draw in more first time customers, but help keep the loyal customers they already have.

What do you think? Have you used the ASOS Personal Stylist Chat? Or have you used another form of live chat? Are you a retailer using a similar service?

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